Tuesday, February 14, 2006 

My Perfect Lover…..

Should curb my independence in no way..(the most important) .I take advice from no one…I think and act….so my independence is priority….

Must be able to realize that I live(love) for him…but, I must be assured that he too loves me…..in the first place….he must make me feel indispensable in his life…

Should have an amazing sense of Humor….which is really important for me…

Must have a personality to make me go crazy over him…Personality as in Attitude…Should have a bit of arrogance….note it, only a bit…because am already arrogant enough for both people….

Must respect my parents as I will respect his parents(I think this will be the very important criteria)

Must be ready to take responsibility….Like kids…..should be a friend to his kids….not as though “I and U(kid) live in the same house…that is the only thing we share”

There should be NOTHING about him that I do not know……So its his duty to tell me EVERYTHING….Even the smallest, silliest thing u could imagine..

Must be Romantic……Which,though not very essential, will make the relationship very special……

Should never give me up in front of others….He should feel as though he is being insulted when iam insulted and defend…..whoever it be…

All this assured, as I hav mentioned above, I can LIVE for him….
I hav restricted myself to only 8 points with great difficulty……
I shall think and tag later.....

Tuesday, January 03, 2006 

Happy New Year Everybody....
I guess this must have been the sleepiest new year day i ever spent...Did nothing but sleeping...Leavin that...Divya has tagged me...So here it goes...

10 Favorites:

Favorite Season:Autumn
Favorite Sport:Cricket
Favorite Time:Late Nite
Favorite Month:December(Marghazhi)
Favorite Actor:Surya
Favorite Actress:Kajol
Favorite Ice Cream:Butterscotch
Favorite Food:Puli kuzambu
Favorite Drink:Complan
Favorite Place:Coimbatore

9 Currents:

Current Feeling:Normal
Current O/S:Win XP(Pro)
Current Windows Open:Yahoo! mailbox,orkut,Lifelaboratory.blogspot.com
Current Drink:Milk
Current Time:04:00 PM
Current Mobile Used:Sony Ericsson T610
Current Show on TV:Nothing
Current Thought:Wat do i study in the evening
Current Cloth:Salwar Kameez

8 Firsts:

First Nick:Peter
First Kiss:Dunno
First Crush:VP
First Computer:HCL Beanstalk
First Vehicle I Drove:Cycle
First Job:Not Yet
First Movie I Watched in Pulse Global's print:Wats that?
First Pet:I hav none

7 Lasts:

Last Chai:Ages Back
Last Movie:SandaKozhi
Last time I drove:Drove wat?
Last Beauty Parlor Visit:Two weeks Back...Eyebrows
Last website visited:Orkut
Last Software Installed:8085 Simulator
Last Pill I Had:Crocin

6 Have You Evers:

Have You Ever Broken the Law:I guess NO
Have You Ever Been Drunk:NO
Have You Ever Climbed a Tree:Yes,a cotton tree..near my house when i was 7 or 8
Have You Ever Kissed someone whom u dont know:No
Have You Ever been in the middle/close to a Gunfire/Bomblast:Yes,in 1998
Have You Ever Broken Anyone's Heart:Perhaps

5 Things:

Things You Can Hear Now:Keyboard Hitting,Fan
Things on Your Computer Table:A calci,Floppy,my notebooks,pouch
Things on Your Bed:My Mobile,Let Us C
Things You ate today:Puli Kuzhambu,Lemon Rice.
Things in Mind:Mup record,R.S.Agarwal,Learning Data Structures and Digital Communication.

4 Places U've been today:

Comp Lab

3 People U can tell anything To:


2 Choices:

Black or White:Black
Hot or Cold:Cold

1 Thing you want to do before u die:

Build My Dream House

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

Starting off with He-She...Today is He's B'day ....I don't know if She wished He...Think She would hav...Dunno how He would hav reacted...
Nowadays,He and his new GirlFriend wear the same color dress...I really do not understand wat's da point...Do they want to stress that they r going out?I hav cn many ppl like that...i hav always found it wierd..
This happens before the rain incident....
There is another friend of She in her class....She knows some stuff about He....One day The friend tells"He has a girl friend(not da present one)"......
Friend:"Ya,well that is his latest"
She:"Wat do u mean "latest"?
Friend:"He changes his girlfriends every year"
She:"How do i believe u?"
Friend:"His latest gf's name is C.Ask him urself"

She goes to He's class....Asks him
She:"do u know any C?"
Mean while,a friend of He,listening to this conversation starts laughing..
She:"y r u laughing?"
Friend:"Am laughing at how well He is lying"

U understand how She feels...She looks at He.....He could not face her now....But,at last he has to admit.But tells dat things r not going well between them....She beleives him,surprisingly.
Let me leave her feeling that way till da next blog..

Friday, November 25, 2005 

It has been reeeaaaaallly a long time since i have blogged......

I guess the last time i blogged,i had my exams round the corner...that took more than a month to finish(lab xams,mid-sem,study hols,sem all put together).

The way i study has drastically changed......In school,i was a very studious girl....perfect in her studies..always prepared for a test and so on..This continued till my first semester in coll...from the second sem,it all changed...If a test is being announced,in school,i would learn even a small,not important question twice.But now,I juz glance thru..write my own stories...one of my friends even wrote a song in a test...v go 2 tests that blank...

Mid-Sems are the most funniest things that happen twice in a sem......In my first yr.,i started studying for the midsem 10 days prior....Now,study only 2 hours before...that 2 not the full portions..only selected important questions..No wonder why grades are going low exponentially...But,luckily,most of the times it happens that only the questions v studied will b asked.....

I know i can do better....But i dunno y am like this....I hav been disappointing my parents continuously....My sis,unlike me,is very good in studies..Always a topper in her class...School topper in 10th and 12fth boards...Also district second in 12th board..First girl student to be admitted in her batch in her coll....Now placed in two companies..Has always made my parents proud...I wonder if i could ever make them happy....But they hav never complained about me being like this...Thats wat makes me feel more and more guilty...

I guess this is enough polambifying for now.

Coming to the He-She stuff..

One fine rainy morning....Our She goes to coll...Coll starts by 8:30..But since it was raining in da morning,she starts early to coll and reaches coll by 8:00...The coll was nearly deserted....Luckily,She's friend too had come early...Both of them are standing in da corridor and talking....It is still raining..
Now,our hero enters i.e.,He comes.He is wearing a blue shirt and a blue jean...He is wet in da rain....Our She usually thinks that He looks really really stunning wen wet...So naturally She is 'stunned' looking at him...He comes directly to She,gives her a killer "special smile with a wink".I hav always seen He always giving She a special smile which he gives to no one else.She too knows about this.Seeing him smile,She starts melting...Now,He grabs her hands and walks with her for a little distance,stops and gives her a deep look and goes off,leaving our She wondering wat was happening...Needless to say,She was floating the rest of the day..She till date does not know y he did that..She did not ask him also fearing she might look desperate...But still,She cherishes these moments...

Sunday, October 02, 2005 

Hi all.....
I wonder y it has taken me so long to post a worthy......post??!!!
Daily morning,i get up thinking "I should do something about this blog today"......and once i go to coll, i will ,as usual, hav lots of assignments to b completed,records to get signed,tutorials to b submitted and also the usual classes.And in all this frenzy wen i return home(which is usually around 7pm) i completely forget about this blog...
Now that am in my study hols,i think i shall b blogging,atleast occassionally(hopefully)....
Coming to think of wat i should b blogging on today,so many things r running in my mind.....
Ok...Let me start off with a Hum-Tum style stuff. I might b posting this occassionally wen i hav nothing else to blog on...
Ok,wat do v call this.....Ok lets call it He-She.....
A small intro about He and She first....
He-A very good friend of mine from coll,kinda, handsome,very cool,stylish guy.He is actually called 'Playboy' in da girls hostel.....So u get an idea of his character...
She-Also a good friend of mine.Though not very beautiful,is a very bubbly,enthusiastic,friendly girl.

This is how they meet...She is in my stream(ECE) and He in IT....They hav a common friend from IT(girl)....Actually this common friend and our She wer very close friends from school at this time of the incident...(not good friends now 4 reasons u will know later).
This is during da morning break....She and me go to c our common friend....she is talking with He and his friend....She always likes handsome guys(I know,who doesnt..).Now da friend and He r talking and She is watching.....He is looking at She very often....You know kinda stealthy,from time to time..... This idiotic friend does not give an intro for which both of them r waiting....Now She couldn't stand this anymore and blurts out to He "Do u know my name?"...
He:"no"(wat a shame)
She:Iam X.
He:Beautiful name...
Here i would like to mention that She's name is A very very common Southie name and there is nothing very beautiful about it worth mentioning....A word about the guy....He is also not a guy who will talk like this to girls(which i learnt later).Also She is from a only-girls school...So this is da first time a guy,that too handsome, is showing some interest in her....So She kinda starts liking He(obvious)...And i guess He was also kinda interested in She...
From this point on they become very gud friends..

So now that they hav bcome friends....Lots of stuff later

Oge then ,gotta sleep...

Saturday, August 27, 2005 

Here i come..Blog world...

Test post..
rest later